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Helping My Daughter Heal from a Vaccine Injury

Updated: May 4, 2021

Let me preface our story by saying that I have nothing against vaccines, and I believe they are a very important scientific development. I believe that vaccines can be very important for the prevention of certain diseases. However, I also believe in our immune systems as the primary defense against diseases. I have a problem with the mandates and medical coercion that are currently taking place. Science is a process of discovery, and we can only do that by evaluating all of the information. Science is never settled. Medicine is not one size fits all, we all have unique bio-individuality. In addition, there are no adequate safety studies and no one investigates WHY some people are more at risk to vaccine reactions than others. I would like to know why my oldest daughter has received her vaccines with relatively minor reactions whereas my youngest daughter developed Guillain Barre Syndrome and was partially paralyzed for months. I would like to know WHY we try to silence the voices of the mothers speaking out and trying to inform others instead of doing research into these vaccine reactions and how we can treat them more effectively.

I never used to question vaccines or my pediatrician’s recommendations. My family and I always used to receive our vaccinations as recommended, with no hesitation. That is until my daughter became severely ill (and temporarily paralyzed) after receiving her annual flu shot. My daughter started losing chunks of hair, she lost the ability to walk, she experienced pain when using her hands, she was incontinent, she was too tired to do anything and just laid on the couch all day. Her symptoms started shortly after receiving the flu vaccine and became progressively worse in the months that followed. Her symptoms were neurological, and were later diagnosed as Guillain- Barre Syndrome.

Let me tell you that when a child or adult has a vaccine reaction, traditional medicine has absolutely no clue what to do and how to help the child or adult. They run tests, procedures, often putting the child through unnecessary medical procedures and tests. They look so hard to find a cause OTHER than the vaccine. Our medical system is in complete denial about vaccine adverse reactions.

Upon the advice of my daughter’s traditional pediatrician we ran numerous blood tests. When the multiple blood tests came back normal, then we were referred to a pediatric neurologist who recommended a full brain and spine MRI under anesthesia. My mom-gut (aka intuition) told me this was a dangerous procedure for a 3-year-old, but the pediatric neurologist told me that my daughter needed this procedure. I decided to trust the opinion of my daughter’s neurologist. My 3-year old daughter, LR, ended up having a serious allergic reaction to the anesthesia and contrast. She was hospitalized for difficulty breathing. She now had new health problems, her health was failing her and we were scared. Her MRI came back normal, and now they recommended a spinal tap and additional risky procedures. My mom-gut kicked in again, strongly warning me against these procedures. So I listened to my gut, and declined the procedures.

In desperation, I took her to a holistic health care provider that had seen this before and knew how to help. We ran blood and hair tests, and based on his conceptualization we took a leap of faith. We were desperate, our daughter was losing hair, couldn’t walk, and just couldn’t participate in typical developmental behaviors of a 3 year old. Taking that leap of faith with a holistic doctor was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our children.

LR’s tests came back revealing heavy metal toxicity and inflammation of the blood, which we think is the result of her vaccine. It could have been the result of cumulative effects of vaccines or the single vaccine. We have no way to know for certain because our health care system refuses to acknowledge and understand vaccine reactions. All we know is that her symptoms started days after her flu vaccine and became progressively worse in the months that followed.

We tried the detoxification protocol suggested by our holistic health care provider, but my daughter refused the supplements. She wasn’t complying with the treatment and detox protocol, and we were not noticing improvements. I came across the story of another vaccine injured child whose mother had used a zeolite called TRS to help her child detox from heavy metal toxicity. It is a tasteless spray that you can give to the child daily. This mother had claimed her autistic child started verbalizing and was no longer classified as autistic after months of use. Although my daughter is not autistic, she was displaying clear neurological symptoms, and I had to give this a try. We also adjusted her diet based on my research, I will detail our detox diet in another post.

Within a few weeks we noticed her eczema clear up (which we never thought was related to her vaccine). We had tried every lotion, cream, elimination diet, you name it. This was the first thing we tried that helped her skin clear up. After 3 months, she was able to walk again, although she still complained about pain in her hands and legs. Next, we noticed that she was no longer incontinent, she was no longer having accidents, she was able to make it to the bathroom. For anyone wondering how you can consider a 3 year old incontinent, let me explain that LR is highly intelligent and highly motivated by independence. She decided to potty train herself at 2 years old. She has not worn a diaper since she was 2.

After 6 months, we noticed that she no longer had pain in her hands and legs. She was able to walk longer distances and she did not fatigue as easily. We just continued to notice gradual improvements over the next 6 months. We detoxed heavily for a year using TRS and a strict diet. She continues to use TRS to continue to help her body detox. Once she had more mobility we added Physical Therapy to her healing protocol.

It has been 2 years since her vaccine injury and she is a new kid. A happier, more playful, and more engaged child. Her teachers comment that “it is like a light went on. She makes eye contact, she can play, she can keep up with her peers, she is happier.” She still struggles with fatigue and gets tired very easily, but we hope that will continue to improve as she continues to heal.

It has taken two years for my daughter to heal from a vaccine injury. I’m blessed to have my undergraduate and graduate education in neuroscience and neuropsychology. I was able to put the pieces together logically like a scientist. I hate that my daughter had to go through this, but the silver lining is that NOW I KNOW. Before I didn’t understand vaccine hesitancy. NOW I UNDERSTAND. Not every child will suffer from a vaccine injury (my oldest has had relatively no issues). I understand that vaccine reactions are RARE, but they do happen.

People frequently say to me, “but the reactions are so rare,” or “aren’t you afraid of her getting a severe illness?” I kindly remind them that she is vaccinated for everything with the exception of DPT and chickenpox. We do not believe that the chickenpox vaccine is worth the risk for HER at this time. We will now weigh benefit/risk assessments for all of her scheduled vaccines in the future. For example, DPT is something I think is worth the risk, BUT we will not get it until she has a clear bill of health from her holistic health care provider.

I know some doctors who are well intentioned, but I have limited trust in their opinions when it comes to the health of my children until they stand up and abide by their oath to “DO NO HARM” and to provide proper INFORMED CONSENT (including the risk of a vaccine reaction). Most traditional pediatricians don’t understand how these reactions occur, so they choose denial. My daughter’s first traditional pediatrician thought she was in the beginning stages of an autoimmune condition and advised me to "watch and wait." If I would have listened to her, my daughter would not be thriving today. I just couldn’t understand how she refused to link the onset of her symptoms to the vaccine. She continued to say it was a coincidence. There is no place for denial or censorship in medicine or science. To support true health, we need to start looking at children’s health from a holistic and integrative perspective.

For those who are curious about the TRS product we used to help my daughter detox from her vaccine, see below. I have provided a brief summary on TRS and how to order.


TRS (Toxin Removal System) is a nano-zeolite spray that can safely detox heavy metals and toxins beyond the blood brain barrier (BBB). It works at the cellular level to remove the junk (toxins such as heavy metals) that’s interfering with the body’s ability to function properly, the way it was designed to.

TRS is made of nano-zeolites, which have a negative charge and work like a magnet to attract positively-charged matter to it (toxins). Because of its cage-like structure, the metals and toxins get trapped inside the zeolite and cannot escape. Because the zeolites in TRS are encased in water, they can go anywhere in the body that water can go, including crossing the blood brain barrier (which is why I am a huge fan and started using it on my kiddos and myself). The body then excretes them through its usual detox pathways - urine, stool, and sweat. When the heavy metals and toxins are eliminated from the body, the body can then work on repairing and healing itself where it has been damaged, at the cellular level.

If you would like more information about TRS, how to order, how to take/administer, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Please send an email to:

Here are some studies on Cliniptilolite, the main ingredient in TRS:

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